Are Sunrooms Cold in the Winter?

Dec 11, 2021

A custom home sunroom.Despite their name, sunrooms sometimes have a reputation for being a bit chilly in the winter. A common question before purchasing a sunroom for homeowners in northern areas is whether or not sunrooms are cold in the winter. At TEMO Backyard Living, we have plenty of experience with sunrooms, since we install factory-direct options from the leader in outdoor living products: TEMO. So, do homeowners need to avoid their sunroom in the winter?

Factors to Consider

Unlike some home improvement questions, this one is slightly tricky since the answer will depend on many factors. These include:


Older sunrooms, often made with outdated materials, can have poor insulation and thus potentially be cold.


It may seem obvious, but a high-quality sunroom made from premium materials will usually be more comfortable and maintain temperatures more efficiently.


The direction a sunroom faces is important and can have a big influence on temperatures—a north-facing sunroom will likely get colder faster than a south-facing one.


Even the best sunrooms can get cold in a place with frigid winters, so homeowners in northern latitudes might not be able to use their sunrooms year-round, especially if they opt for a less-insulated three-season room.

The Right Sunroom Makes All the Difference

If you’re interested in using a sunroom in the winter, the best thing you can do is choose high-quality products from a reputable company. That’s where we come in. TEMO products are world-renowned for their exceptional build quality, energy-efficient upgrades, low-maintenance features, and rock-solid warranties. If you want a sunroom that doesn’t get cold in the winter, we can help.

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