Can I Use a Hot Tub Every Day?

Jan 13, 2022

A covered outdoor hot tub.At TEMO Backyard Living, we’ve installed many hot tubs and spas over the years. After all, we’re an outdoor living company, and what could be more popular for spending time outdoors than a hot tub? Trust us—we understand the appeal. But, as fantastic as hot tubs are, they also have some downsides, which leads many to wonder if they can use a hot tub every day. Read on to discover some things you should consider before making an evening spa soak a nightly routine.

Medical Concerns

The first thing to think about when it comes to using a hot tub every day is a big one: your health. There are a slew of caveats for using a hot tub, since the high temperatures can cause a range of problems, especially for pregnant women and those with heart issues. If you have questions about these issues—or if you’re worried about possible medical consequences—talk with a doctor. Relaxing in a hot tub is great, but it is definitely not worth risking your health.

Energy Concerns

Another factor to consider for daily hot tub use is energy usage. Depending on a number of factors, hot tubs can require a lot of energy to stay warm. As outdoor temperatures drop, such as in the winter months or at night, more energy is required to heat up the spa. Homeowners interested in frequent operation should consider energy-efficient accessories, like insulated hot tub covers, to help reduce energy needs.

Spa Questions? We Can Help!

At TEMO Backyard Living, we can’t answer any of your medical questions, but when it comes to hot tubs, spas, and patio enclosures, we’ve got plenty of expertise to offer. To learn more about our hot tubs, contact us today.