Can You Put Regular Furniture in a Sunroom?

Jul 08, 2021

A sunroom with a comfortable dining table and seating.If you do an online search for sunroom design ideas, you’ll see a lot of furniture that’s typically used in a normal porch or patio area. But does that mean you can’t use furniture that’s been designed for use in a living room or other indoor sitting area? The short answer is: “that depends.” Here’s what you need to know before furnishing your new sunroom.

Materials Make the Difference

The biggest key to furnishing a sunroom is accounting for the fabrics and materials that can handle constant sun exposure. Many pieces of furniture end up tucked away in a living room, for example, and are expected to be exposed to relatively little direct sunlight. If your furniture is made of materials that don’t do well when exposed to sunlight—like silk, for example—using them in a sunroom is ill-advised, and can result in damage.

Consider Your Sunroom Design

One option for homeowners who want to use a specific piece of furniture in a sunroom is to consider shading it. There are several options for doing so, ranging from slip-covers to window treatments, but blocking some of the sunlight from reaching your furniture can help prolong its life. If you have an insulated sunroom that allows for year-round use, you can also have more confidence that any furniture inside will be better protected from the elements.

When you let TEMO Backyard Living install a factory-direct TEMO sunroom at your home, you can count on a product that will offer unmatched style and durability for decades to come. No matter what you want to use your sunroom for—or how you’d like to furnish it—we can get you started. Contact us today to learn more and schedule a consultation.