How To Design The Perfect Sunroom

Jun 13, 2019

Do you love to spend time in your yard, but don’t want to deal with bugs or allergens? A sunroom could be the perfect solution for you. With a sunroom, you can enjoy the beauty of the outdoors from the comfort of your home’s interior. Additionally, you can extend your living space by adding a sunroom and creating a vibrant spot to spend time with your family.

Where to Begin?

You should begin by determining the purpose of your sunroom. Are you building one to entertain guests? Or is it for your leisure? Maybe your home is not as big as you want it to be and therefore your sunroom will provide the extra space that you need, perhaps for an office area. By figuring out the purpose of the sunroom, you can easily design it to serve the proper purpose.

Design Away!

Depending on the purpose of your sunroom, you can get started on designing the dimensions as well as how you are going to furnish it. For instance, if it’s going to be used for entertainment, you may want to fit in a pool table in it. You would also need space to seat your friends and family in it comfortably. Additionally, you might need space for food and drinks and perhaps a small bar.

If your goal is to relax, you can place a sofa-bed or a beautiful recliner. If it’s going to be an office space, make room for your desk and have plenty of lights.

Benefits of a Sunroom

A sunroom is an awesome place to relax during the warm months. You can enjoy the sun without having to deal with dust, bugs, or allergens. Moreover, it provides you with extra room within your home that can be used for your relaxation or entertaining guests. Once you’ve chosen the design, you can personalize it by choosing frame color, roof style, glass, and window and door configurations.

At TEMO Backyard Living, we are proud to offer factory-direct sunrooms from our parent company, TEMO, which is an acclaimed manufacturer in the industry. Our sunrooms come with a roof made from expanded polystyrene that provides you with ample thermal protection and can also handle heavy snowfall. Our high-performance glass has an SPF of 59 or 85, which helps maintain a comfortable temperature inside your sunroom. In addition, the rooms can be installed with the Sky View system to allow natural light in. We also offer different wall styles such as Standard, Grand View, and Upper Deck. Feel free to contact us at 586-251-0368 for all your sunroom design needs.