Differences Between A Screen Room and A Sunroom

Jul 11, 2019

Do you know the difference between a screen room and a sunroom? Both screen rooms and sunrooms allow you to enjoy the outdoors while avoiding unwanted elements such as bugs or rain. Once you know how you are going to be using the space and what works best for your needs, you can decide between the two options.


You build a sunroom to protect yourself from rain, wind, and snow while still getting lots of light in your room. The windows of a sunroom are designed to heat the room by intensifying the sun’s rays. You can enjoy your sunroom during light rain or even snowfall during the colder seasons. You can also leave the windows open during good weather.

Screen Rooms

A screen room is very similar to a sunroom, but instead of using glass windows, fiberglass screens are used to allow the breeze to flow freely through the room. At first, the windows may appear to be made of glass, but you will realize that these windows weigh less than glass windows. Adding a screen room is more affordable than a sunroom, and it still protects you from outdoor elements.

TEMO Products

At TEMO Backyard Living, we help you create more living space for your friends and family. You can choose between several design options if you decide to add a screen room or sunroom to your home. To help you get started, we offer a 3D animation program so you can visualize your designs in the context of your home. Additionally, we are proud to install TEMO screen rooms and sunrooms, one of the most trusted names in the outdoor living industry.

TEMO’s screen rooms come with features such as a durable polymer surface that resists scratching, denting, chalking, and fading. Their solid thermal roof deflects the sun’s heat. When you install a TEMO sunroom, you get a tent made out of expanded polystyrene. It deflects the sun’s heat and provides you with maximum thermal protection.

Quality Work

In addition to top-quality screen rooms and sunrooms, you can also expect a professional installation from TEMO Backyard Living. Our installers are factory-trained and highly experienced. Moreover, we back our work with a two-year labor warranty. TEMO offers a lifetime warranty to protect your screen room and sunroom.

TEMO Backyard Living provides outdoor living options to help you transform your backyards into favorite new spots. For all your outdoor living needs, feel free to contact us at 586-251-0368.