Do Pergolas Really Block the Sun?

Aug 07, 2020

Do Pergola Really Provide Shade?There are a number of different sun-blocking structures that you can add to your yard, all of which offer their own unique perks and benefits. One type of covering that has grown in popularity over the years is a pergola. This structure certainly stands out from the rest because of its unique construction, which includes a slatted or lattice roof. While pergolas are marketed to provide some shade to those sitting underneath them, you may have some doubts and wonder if they truly block any sun.

Pergolas Do In Fact Block the Sun

While it may initially be hard to believe, pergolas do block some sunlight. However, because there are openings in the lattice design of the roof, it doesn’t provide complete shade in the way other structures, like a patio cover, would. Additionally, as the angle of the sun moves throughout the day, this influences the shade that it produces. It can be closely compared to sitting underneath a tree, with sunlight poking through some branches and creating a balance of sun and shade.

This combination is what makes pergolas so intriguing to people. You don’t need to compromise between uninterrupted sunlight and absolute shade; therefore, pergolas provide the best of both worlds.

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