Easy Guide to Buying a Spa 1 of 6

Mar 22, 2016

Easy Guide to Buying a Spa 1 of 6

Hi, I’m Wally with TEMO Backyard Living in Clinton Township, Michigan. Today I want to talk with you about buying a spa. We want to alleviate the stress of buying a spa so you can spend more time enjoying your investment than worrying about it.

Buying a Spa in MichiganMost people look at the color or the number of seats as the most important factors of purchasing a spa.  Then when they start to use it they find out the hard way that there much more to it than that. Here at TEMO Backyard Living in Clinton Township, Michigan we have come up with a few easy to follow guidelines that will assist you in buying a spa. We call it the 5 elements to a spa.

These elements of a spa look at the materials, therapy, cleanliness, on-going operating costs and return on your investment. So take a few minutes and watch our series and let us know what you think about our helpful spa buying guide.

Buying a Spa – Element 1 – Spa Cabinet and Foundation

For more information on buying a spa come check out our showroom at 20330 Hall Rd in Clinton Township, Michigan  or check out our website at FunSpaceDirect.com.