Easy Guide To Buying a Spa – Element 1 (2 of 6)

Mar 23, 2016

Easy Guide To Buying a Spa:  Element 1 – Spa Cabinet and Foundation

The cabinet and foundation of your spa is a very important feature that requires more than a color choice to make the right decision. It should be made of a UV resistant,synthetic material.

Buying a Spa in MichiganIt needs to resist water damage, scratches and dents to maintain that like new appearance. A natural wood look with multiple color selections is nice too so there will be no need in re-painting or re-staining. Ever!

One of the most overlooked features in a spa is the foundation. You need something that will give you protection from nicks, dents, water damage and pest infestation. Again its should be made of a UV resistant synthetic material. This is a critical element when it comes to how long the spa will last and how long it will look good with you in it so make sure the spa has a strong warranty.

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Stay tuned for our next video on Element 2 – Interior Shell