Five Steps For Designing A Perfect Outdoor Living Room

Jun 27, 2019

Are you thinking of designing your outdoor space? It can get overwhelming when you start looking at all the options that are available for you. However, if you break it down into a few steps and milestones, you can make a perfect spot to hang out with your friends and family for the summer.

Get Organized and Visualize

The first step is to clean up and organize your outdoor area. This gives you a clean slate to start with. Ask yourself questions such as how much space do I want to cover with concrete? What about plants – what kind of plants do you want to have? Give your outdoor area a good scrub down, so you’re left with a fresh, clean canvas.

Hire a Professional Company

Work with a professional company to brainstorm ideas for your outdoor living space. TEMO Backyard Living is an experienced outdoor living company that also offers a 3D animation program using which you can visualize your designs in the context of your home.

Do Your Research

It will help to look at some models and pictures to help you visualize and nail down what kind of outdoor living room you want to construct. Do you want your outdoors to be an extension of the indoor area? You can design it so you can see the main areas from inside your home.

Start Designing

Depending on how much space you have, you can design a setup that has sitting areas, and still gives you enough room to roam around. If you are going to host parties in your backyard, you will want to think about outdoor furniture and sitting areas accordingly. Think about whether you’re going to have a spa, barbecue area, or firepit. It may be a good idea to have some shaded area to protect visitors from the sun.

What About Accents?

Once you have designed the basic layout of your outdoor living room, you can think about accenting it with water fountains, small waterfalls, or other options. Create a warm outdoor ambiance by hanging string lighting and selecting appropriate lighting fixtures. Start thinking about which plants and trees to plant and how they can complement the design.

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