How Do I Choose a Pergola?

May 03, 2021

How Do I Choose a Pergola?Creating your dream backyard can be an exciting and detailed process. One step that many people choose to include is having a structure like a pergola installed for an eye-catching and shady covering to sit underneath. Maybe you’re considering adding a pergola to your own yard and in your research have discovered that there are various types such as attached, freestanding, garden arbor, and operable. This range of options can cause you to wonder: “How do I choose a pergola?” To help guide your decision, TEMO Backyard Living has put together a quick breakdown of each type of pergola:

Attached Pergolas

Many times, people have a deck or patio area directly outside of their homes that they would like to cover with a pergola. In this case, an attached pergola is the way to go, as it has two sturdy columns and one side is attached directly to your house.

Freestanding Pergolas

If your backyard hangout spot is further away from your home, you’d probably benefit more from a freestanding pergola. This model stands strong on four columns and can be installed just about anywhere on your property.

Garden Arbor Pergolas

Are you envisioning a pergola as the centerpiece of your garden? If so, you would enjoy a garden arbor pergola that is specially designed with open beams to allow vines and branches to grow and climb all over it.

Operable Pergolas

While the lattice roof of pergolas is what makes them so unique and charming, sometimes you need the full coverage of a patio cover. An operable pergola combines the best of both worlds, as the slats of the roof can be opened or closed with the touch of a button.

We’re proud to offer all of these outstanding pergolas at TEMO Backyard Living. Contact us today to discuss each option further and allow us to help you choose the right pergola for your home.