How Do I Keep My Sunroom Cool?

Nov 04, 2020

How Do I Keep My Sunroom Cool?As evidenced by its name, a sunroom is a part of your home that allows ample amounts of sunlight inside. While this is a great way to feel like you’re outdoors without even stepping foot outside of your home, you may be concerned about plentiful sunlight causing your sunroom to overheat and become uncomfortable. Luckily, many sunrooms nowadays are manufactured with energy-efficient components to ensure the space doesn’t become too warm. But if you really want to keep your sunroom cool, there are extra precautions you can take.

Hang Window Coverings

You can easily install blinds, shades, or another type of window treatment in your sunroom to block out some extra rays. This way, on days where you’re more concerned about the temperature inside your sunroom than the views outside, you can simply pull down/close your window coverings.

Install a Ceiling Fan

A great way to create a light breeze in your sunroom is by installing a ceiling fan. In fact, many sunroom manufacturers offer this option as an add-on when you’re in the process of having a sunroom built onto your home.

Keep a Door Open

While many sunrooms can be configured to your home’s central air system, older models may not be connected. However, by propping open a door of your sunroom that leads into your home, you could let the air conditioning reach this area and keep things a little cooler.

Of course, a great way to ensure that your sunroom stays cool is by turning to TEMO Backyard Living. Our sunrooms are designed with many energy-efficient features such as expanded polystyrene roofs that deflect the sun’s heat and windows made from high-performance glass with an SPF of 59 that can be upgraded to SPF 85. With one of our exceptional sunrooms, you can expect to be comfortable year-round.

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