How Do You Shade a Patio?

May 28, 2020

How Do You Shade a Patio?As fantastic as it feels to have the warm sun hitting your skin, some days you need a little break from it. For outdoor areas of your home, like a patio, you may even find the need for a more permanent fixture to provide constant shade. After all, this is a spot where you and your family gather frequently to eat meals or entertain guests, so you don’t want the sun constantly beating down on you. While you could opt for an umbrella, this may not cover your entire patio, leaving some people stuck in the beaming sun. For more expansive shade options, you should consider a patio cover or garden pergola.

Patio Covers

These structures are appropriately named, as they are a perfect way to shade your patio. Consisting of a solid roof atop sturdy beams, patio covers allow you to maintain the same open feel of your patio without squinting in the sun or getting caught in a sudden rain shower. Many patio covers are designed to be attached directly onto your home, creating a seamless transition between the two areas. However, there are also freestanding options that feature four beams, so they can be installed pretty much anywhere in your yard.

Depending on the company you partner with for a patio cover, you can have it built to match the dimensions of your space, ensuring that every inch is shaded. Alternatively, if you would prefer to shade only a portion of your patio, then you can select a smaller size to accommodate your needs.


At first glance, you may not think a pergola provides much shade—after all, its roof is made of slatted beams. However, certain pergolas can provide an ample amount of shade, depending on the design of the roof and angle of the sun. If you’re someone who would prefer a balanced combination of sunlight and shade, then a pergola may be the perfect choice for you.

If you love the look of a pergola but fear that it may not provide the amount of shade you’re hoping for, consider a garden pergola. This model is specially designed for climbing vines. Over time the pergola will be covered in lush greenery, creating a shady canopy over your patio. And, just like patio covers, pergolas can either be attached to your home or placed freestanding in your yard. So, no matter where your patio sits, it will be covered and shaded.

Turn to TEMO Backyard Living

For a top-tier patio cover or pergola, you can look to the experts at TEMO Backyard Living. We offer a selection of durable and eye-catching structures from our parent company, TEMO, a leader in the outdoor living industry. Whether you’re hoping to have a patio cover attached to your home or want a freestanding pergola placed in the center of your yard, we’ll be sure to make it happen. Regardless of which product you pick, it will be crafted using extruded aluminum and an exclusive polymer coating. You’ll never have to worry about your cover warping, rotting, fading, or scratching, providing you with years of lasting coverage.

If you need help deciding the best way to shade your patio, TEMO Backyard Living is happy to come to your home for a complimentary consultation and discuss our options with you. Contact us today to make it happen.