How Long Do Hot Tubs Last?

Feb 04, 2021

How Long Do Hot Tubs Last?Purchasing a hot tub is an exciting investment—and also a big one. As such, you want to be sure that the investment is worth it. It’s completely understandable that you don’t want your money to go to waste if your hot tub is only going to last a handful of years. However, if you purchase a high-quality spa and properly maintain it, you should expect it to last up to 20 years into the future. How can you make this happen? By turning to TEMO backyard Living for an Aspen Spa.

What to Expect From an Aspen Spa

As a leading outdoor living company serving Michigan residents, we want to offer only the most long-lasting and durable products available. This is why we install American-made hot tubs from Aspen Spas. This industry-leader builds its spas to endure all of the elements: cold, rain, snow, ice, heat, and humidity. After all, Michigan experiences all of these conditions in any given year, so you’ll want to have peace of mind that your hot tub will withstand it all.

Strong & Hardwearing Hot Tubs

How does Aspen Spas design durable hot tubs? Every spa features a six-layer, acrylic shell, made of only the highest-quality materials on the market, as well as maintenance-free cabinets and ABS spa bottoms that are designed from recycled plastic. This impressive construction means that your hot tub will look great and perform perfectly for years to come.

Combine the quality construction of an Aspen Spa with the professional craftsmanship of our installers and you can feel confident that your hot tub will last you long into the future. Contact TEMO Backyard Living today to explore our selection of outstanding spas.