Should I Cover My Patio?

Jan 06, 2021

Should I Cover My Patio?Maybe there was already a patio when you moved into your home or you built it in recent years. Either way, you try to use your patio as frequently as possible but you find yourself retreating inside when the sun becomes too unbearable or a sudden rain shower catches you by surprise. If you’re considering protecting your patio but are unsure about completely covering it, you have some options for the task.

Patio Covers

Michigan can have some hot, sunny summers. If you find yourself constantly squinting, sweating, or stepping inside while you’re trying to spend time on your patio, you might benefit from completely shading the space with a patio cover. The solid roof will not only help shade your patio but will also protect from any light rain, letting you enjoy hours of uninterrupted time outside.


While the sun may sometimes leave you seeking some reprieve, you might not want to totally block it out. If you’re seeking a covering that provides some shade while also letting a few rays of sun to poke through, a pergola is the perfect option as it has a slatted roof rather than a solid one.

If you need help deciding if you should cover your patio, TEMO Backyard Living would be happy to discuss your specific situation and preferences. We can also explain our patio covers and pergolas in depth to ensure that you protect your patio with the right structure. Partner with us today to get started.