Upgrade Your Yard With A Pergola

Jun 06, 2019

Are you looking for a creative way to improve your backyard and enjoy this summer? How about adding a pergola? Regardless of your backyard’s size, you can quickly transform it with the help of a pergola. It will enhance the value of your home and provide a relaxing space in your yard.

What Is a Pergola?

Pergolas are like a gazebo, but they are more open. They don’t have a covered top. Instead, pergolas have a lattice or cross-post roof, so that you can enjoy the sunshine. You also can add shade if you need it. Pergolas add a look of luxury to any yard and often act as outdoor rooms.

What Are the Benefits of a Pergola?

One of the critical advantages of having a pergola is that it adds a focal point to your backyard. It also enhances the appeal and value of your property. You can accentuate it with your choice of outdoor furniture and use it to entertain guests. Moreover, you can design your pergola with a retractable canopy. It allows you to control the amount of light and will be beneficial in different weather conditions.

Pergola Ideas for Your Backyard

A pergola is a perfect way to add a look of elegance to your yard. No matter the size of your yard, you can design and scale your pergola. You don’t have to have a large yard to build a pergola. You may place your pergola over a simple sitting area for some added shade. And you can even plant some grapevines nearby and use the pergola for your garden.

TEMO Backyard Living is an experienced outdoor living company that offers different styles of pergolas for you to choose from. You can select from Operable, Freestanding, Attached, Garden Arbor or a fixed pergola. With an operable pergola, your roofing panel opens and closes, transitioning from slatted to flat. When the roof is open, it allows sunlight to spill through, and you can admire views of the sky. If the sun becomes too harsh, or it starts to rain, you have the option of closing the roof with the touch of a button.

TEMO Backyard Living’s Selection of Pergolas

We have a highly trained team of craftsmen who can design the perfect pergola for your home. We are a TEMO retail partner, and we can offer factory-direct products with comprehensive warranties that will protect your investment. When we build your pergola, it will have exceptional characteristics and be made of heavy-duty, extruded aluminum material that resists warping, peeling, cracking, and insect infestation. Moreover, our Venetian, Roma and Florentine columns are inspired by Italian architecture. Feel free to contact us at 586-251-0368 for all your outdoor needs.