What Do You Put Under a Pergola?

Sep 10, 2021

Are you thinking about adding a pergola to your home, but not sure what to put underneath? The good news is that there are virtually limitless ways in which you can accessorize your pergola space to perfectly suit your preferences.

Ideas for Your Pergola

If you’re looking for ideas on what to put under your pergola, here are some of the most popular options that can help you get started:

  • Garden sanctuary – A pergola can create the perfect framework for a garden sanctuary. You can place potted plants underneath the pergola and also hang plants from the top to customize the beauty and style of your pergola garden.
  • Patio furniture – Many homeowners put patio furniture under their pergolas so that they can enjoy the outdoors with a little extra shade. Outdoor furniture lets you use the space to entertain guests, read a book, or simply relax outside.
  • Curtains or screens – If you want to add more privacy to your pergola, you can hang curtains or have screens installed to enclosure the space, keeping out pests and creating a personal escape.
  • Movie night – Hanging a projection screen from one end of the pergola can transform your pergola space into an outdoor theater. Just hook up a projector and enjoy a movie in the evening.

Pergola Installation Services

If you’re interested in having a pergola installed on your property, the company to turn to is TEMO Backyard Living. Contact us today to learn more about our pergola options and installation services.