What Does a Pergola Do?

Mar 04, 2021

What Does a Pergola Do?If you’ve been researching different types of outdoor living structures, you’ve probably come across pergolas. You may be confused by the construction of pergolas, though. With the open, slotted roof design, the purpose of a pergola can initially seem unclear. As outdoor living professionals that install these unique structures, TEMO Backyard Living can explain exactly what a pergola does.

Pergolas Do Provide Shade

Because pergolas aren’t designed with solid roofs, it can be hard to imagine how they can possibly produce shade. While they don’t completely block the sun, the lattice roof does provide some partial shade. The effect can be closely compared to the way sunlight pokes through the branches of trees; you can still enjoy some warmth without it being overwhelming. The time of day and angle of the sun will truly determine exactly how much shade your pergola will produce.

They Create an Elegant Aesthetic

So, it can provide partial shade, but what else does a pergola do? Pergolas stand out because of their unique design—they have a charming and elegant aesthetic that not many other coverings offer. This is what truly makes pergolas a popular option for patios, walkways, gardens, and other outdoor areas.

For these reasons, pergolas prove to be quite a trending option for many homeowners. If you’re swayed by these purposes and want to have your own pergola installed, TEMO Backyard Living would be happy to help you make it happen. We offer four types—attached, freestanding, operable, and garden—so you’ll have quite the selection to choose from.

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