What Is a Sunroom Used For?

Feb 06, 2020

What is a Sunroom Used For?Chances are, at one time or another, you’ve been at someone’s house and noticed they have a sunroom. These elegant structures typically extend from the back of the home and feature large glass windows, creating a very open and transparent room. Perhaps you’re considering adding a sunroom to your own home but want to know more about the purposes it can serve. Depending on the type of sunroom you have installed, it can be used for a variety of different purposes.

Types of Sunrooms

While there are a variety of different sunrooms available today, they can generally be separated into two categories: three-season and four-season sunrooms. With a three-season sunroom, the walls are typically not insulated and heat/air conditioning is not included. Therefore, the sunroom becomes quite cold in the wintertime, making it usable primarily only for the other three seasons. Four-season sunrooms, on the other hand, are insulated and connected to your home’s HVAC or other heating/cooling systems. This makes the sunroom functional in any season and essentially an extension of your home.

Uses for a Three-Season Sunroom

Since they aren’t insulated, three-season sunrooms typically mimic the weather outside. Because of this, they are a great option for your own personal greenhouse. The large glass windows allow optimum sunlight to spill in, giving your plants the energy they need to grow. Another use could be a spa room—you won’t notice the cold weather outside while basking in the bubbling waters of a hot tub. Plus, your sunroom will prevent any snow or rain from putting a damper on your spa time.

Uses for a Four-Season Sunroom

Because a four-seasons sunroom is insulated and temperature-regulated, you can use it for virtually any purpose. Make it the kids’ new playroom so their toys aren’t scattered across the rest of the house, or install a couple pieces of equipment for a home gym. You can even create the dining room you’ve always wanted by adding a table and chairs (and celebrate by hosting an intimate dinner party). Just be aware that sunrooms don’t provide a ton of privacy, depending on the proximity of your neighbors and the design of your backyard.

The Sunroom Specialists

If you’re leaning towards a four-season sunroom for your Michigan home, you should turn to the experts at TEMO Backyard Living. We’re the outdoor living company that homeowners rely on for top-quality sunrooms and professional installations. With acclaimed manufacturer TEMO as our parent company, we proudly offer sunrooms from this industry leader. These outstanding sunrooms are designed with many insulating properties, including a state-of-the-art thermal wall system, high-performance glass with an SPF of 59 that can be upgraded to SPF 85, and an expanded polystyrene roof that deflects heat in the summer and retains heat in the winter. Whatever you plan on using your sunroom for, you can rest assured that it will provide you with many years of exceptional comfort.

To learn more about our sunrooms and all the ways you can use one, contact TEMO Backyard Living today. One of our dedicated team members will be happy to assist you and answer any questions you may have.