Which Side of the House Is Best for a Sunroom?

Nov 03, 2021

A home with a large sunroom and deck.If you’ve decided to invest in a sunroom addition for your home, you’re in for a treat. Most homeowners find that their new sunroom quickly becomes their favorite room regardless of the weather. But you might find yourself wondering which side of your house is best for your new sunroom, and TEMO Backyard Living can help. We’re sunroom experts with years of experienced installing durable TEMO sunrooms and products, and we’ve helped countless homeowners make the most of their homes.

Follow the Sun

For the majority of homeowners, sunrooms on the south side of the home will provide better heat and light throughout the year. South-facing rooms will absorb more heat and light, even in colder winter months, and many homeowners prefer the extra warmth these rooms provide.

While sunrooms on the south side of houses offer the most sunlight, they are not the only possible configuration. If you’re someone who’s favorite time of day is sunrise or sunset, a sunroom on the east or west side of your home may be preferable. As an added bonus, rooms on eastern or western sides will experience indirect sunlight at certain times of the day, which some find preferable in the warmer months.

Sunrooms on the north sides of homes also have their place. For example, in hotter climates, North-facing sunrooms will receive less direct sunlight than rooms on another side of the home. That can be extremely helpful if you want to enjoy your sunroom in the summer months.

Each Home Is Different

The best way to guarantee that you get maximum enjoyment from your new sunroom is to work with an experienced sunroom contractor for the design and installation. Every home is different, and there are many factors to consider besides the sun, including landscaping and rainfall.